We are gearing up for our Christmas Markets and hope to have all our packaging sorted for our boxed Ginger Ammonites and White Chocolate Cardamon Charnia fossils. We shall also be launching our Dark Chocolate Fossil Pearls, which are particularly yummy bite sized pieces of delicious chocolate covered in a shimmering gold lustre.

Our chocolate pearls are based upon the extremely rare ancient fossilised pearls  which  date from 230-210 million years ago. Fossil pearls were produced by freshwater and marine molluscs but it is also thought that some fossilized pearls were produced by ammonites. The ammonites produced the “pearl” as a defense mechanism enabling the ammonite to seal itself off from parasitic intruders by capturing the intruder in a mineral sphere.

So if you would like to give them a try, come and find us at Vale Harvest (6th), Akeley Village Hall (19th) and Waterperry Gardens (26th 27th )in November and the Hickory Dickory Market in Wallingford (10th) and the Tythe Barn in Haddenham (17th,18th) in December.