Dark Ginger Ammonites

Dark Ginger Ammonites


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Smooth Belgian Dark Chocolate is blended with ginger to create these exquisitely crafted Dark Chocolate Gingers. We have added enough ginger to give a richness and warmth to our chocolate without overpowering it. Simply place in your mouth to create a sumptuous flavour and texture experience for your senses!

Finest Belgian Dark Chocolate

Cocoa solids  56% min

Made from sustainably grown cocoa

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Dark Ginger Ammonites

Dark Chocolate Gingers – A blend of finest dark chocolate with ginger is carefully crafted to create these larger sized ammonites. Each box contains 8 ammonites each measuring 2.5 cm in diameter at its widest point and weighing 6g they are large enough to bite into. Remember to let the shape to linger on your tongue a little longer and you will get the full flavour of the chocolate and ginger blend. Thus creating a truly mouth watering experience.


The earliest ammonites appear during the Devonian period, 420 – 358 mya, with the last species dying out during the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event that also wiped out the dinosaurs. They lived in shallow seas and having hard shells, ammonites formed fossils easily. As ammonites evolved over time, their anatomy changed and this allows them to be used as a fossil calendar to determine the age of many sedimentary rock layers.


Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier SOYA lecithin, ginger, natural vanilla flavouring

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