Dark Chilli Charnia

Dark Chilli Charnia


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Smooth Belgian Dark Chocolate is blended with chilli to create these exquisitely crafted dark chocolate Chilli Charnia. We have added enough chilli to give off  a mild heat and flavour that enhances rather than overpowers our chocolate. Simply place the Charnia in your mouth to experience the warmth of the chilli layer over the smoothness of the dark Belgian chocolate. 


Finest Belgian Dark Chocolate

Cocoa solids  56% min

Made from sustainably grown cocoa

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Dark Chilli Charnia

Chilli Chocolate Gifts – Finest dark chocolate is blended with the warmth of chilli and then carefully crafted to create these beautiful Charnia fossils. The Charnia’s delicate leaf like fronds are skillfully recreated  to show the beauty of this special fossil. Each fossil  measures approximately 5.5 cm in length and weighs just over 5g  so they are more than just a mouthful!  Each box contains 8 Charnia fossils for you to enjoy.

The Charnia is a genus of frond-like Ediacaran lifeforms with segmented, leaf-like ridges branching alternately to the right and left. It  was named after Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire, England, where the first fossilised specimen was found by schoolboy Roger Mason  in 1957. The original fossil is in Leicester Museum.



Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier SOYA lecithin, CHILLI, natural vanilla flavouring

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