Chocolate Fossil Buttons

Milk Chocolate Trilobite Buttons


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These trilobite fossil buttons are beautifully crafted from Belgian chocolate that will melt in your mouth and delight your senses.


The Harpetida trilobites came from the Upper Cambrian to Late Devonian periods, between 500 – 360 mya. Trilobites existed for over 300 million years and during that time thousands of different species evolved. Each species had its own characteristic shape, with a range of adaptations that suited its particular way of life.

42g Finest Belgian Milk Chocolate

Cocoa solids 33.6% min Milk solids 20.8% min

Made from sustainably grown cocoa

In stock


Handmade Chocolate Gifts – Our trilobite fossil buttons are beautifully designed mini treats for children and adults alike. Made from smooth, milk chocolate and measuring approximately 2 cm in length they are just the right size to let them melt in your mouth. Each packet contains approximately 22 trilobites.

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Weight 42 g


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