Cardamon and Cocoa Nibs Charnia

Cardamon and Cocoa Nibs Charnia


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The Cardamon and Cocoa Nibs Charnia is unusual because it has a different but delicious twist of flavours, Our hand-made Charnia fossils are a delightful bend of  our velvety smooth of white chocolate with the aromatic spice of cardomon. Next we then add a finishing crunch of cocoa nibs. Finally the result is a delicious surprise for the taste buds.

Cocoa solids 28% min Milk solids 22% min

Made from responsibly sourced cocoa

Suitable for vegetarians

Ingredients: cocoa butter, MILK, sugar, emulsifyer SOYA lecithin, vanilla, cardamom, cocoa nibs

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The Cardamon with Cocoa Nibs Charnia Chocolate Fossil

Cardamon chocolate might seem an unusual combination but it is a partnership that we think works perfectly together.  Usually the aromatic spice cardamom is combined with savoury dishes. So some might think combining it with chocolate is a little strange . However, we think the warm sweet taste of cardamon combines beautifully with our creamy white chocolate. Finally,  we liberally sprinkle the cardamon chocolate with crunchy cocoa nibs  and  hand craft them into the Charnia shapes to create the Cardamon and Cocoa Nibs Charnia. Delicious!

The Charnia fossil is a delicate leaf shape with leaf like ridges branching left and right. Therefore, we have  skillfully recreated its delicate leaf like fronds  in chocolate to show the beauty of this special fossil. Above all, we are really pleased with the results and hope all our fossil and chocolate lovers will be too!

There are 8 chocolate fossils measuring approximately 5.5 cm in length and weighing just over 5g in each box.  So more than just a mouthful to enjoy!

The Charnia Fossil is named after Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire, England. This is where the first fossilised specimen was found by schoolboy Roger Mason  in 1957. The original fossil is now in Leicester Museum. It is one of the  Ediacaran lifeforms. It has segmented, leaf-like ridges that branch alternately to the right and left.


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